• GS-4100

    Digital conference media matrix is video&audio media processingequipment.which is popularly applied to court, hotel and government conferenceroom. With multi functions which is easy for operation. Embedded system can belong-distance controlled via network.

    l         With full digital circuitdesign.

    l         It can be connected withcomputer COM and USB interface to control. To realize long-distance controllingvia TCP/IP network.

    l         It can record during themeeting and play audio file via PC.

    l         Up to 12 microphones can beconnected and each channel can adjust volume ,EQ and sensitivity independently.

    l         The microphone which hassignal input can preset as priority channel.

    l         Microphone matrix supports12 signal inputs and 12 signal outputs. Each channel can output from any outputchannel at random.

    l         AV matrix has 8 inputs and4 outputs.4 group output jacks can be selected and adjusted volumeindependently

    l         With 4 inputs and 2 outputsVGA matrix, 2 output jacks can be selected independently.

    l         With 12 video input jacksand 12 video output jacks. Each microphone can be connected with one camera

    l         It supports PALCO P/D, SONY EVI-D70 camera agreement. Any otheragreements can be downloaded under special requirement.

    l         With first in first outmode, speaking units limitation mode, priority mode etc.

    l         Time off mode and auto offmode

    l         With one main output whichincludes left and right channels to adjust volume and EQ.


    Max power consumption: 90W

    Frequency response: 20Hz-20KHz

    S/N: 80dB

    VGA output level/impedance: 0.7Vp-p/75R

    RCA video outputlevel/impedance: 1Vp-p/75R

    Dimension: 483*425*180mm

    1.        12 channels input

    2.        AV matrix (8 channels video signal input and 4channels video signal output)

    3.        VGA matrix (4 channels video&audio signalinput and 2 channels video&audio signal output)

    4.        Audio main output

    5.        Microphone matrix(12 signalinputs and 12 signal outputs)

    6.        Video switcher( 12 video inputs and 12 videooutputs)

    7.        Video output

    8.        Connector for camera(RS-232/RS485)

    9.        RJ-45 connector for TCP/IPnetwork controlling

    10.      USB interface

    11.      RS-232 connector for upgrading

    12.      The two-way programable transmission interface

    13.      USB connector for dongle

    14.      AUX output