• GS-4002

    l         Input: with 8 channelbalanced input and 2 channels LINE input, 4 channels audio and video in-phasesignal input and 2 channels “insert” input

    l         Output: 2 channels MICgroup output, 2 channels main output,2 channels AUX output, 2 channels RECoutput and 1 monitor signal output.

    l         MIC: Optional 48V phantompower, meanwhile, it is with auto mixer function. Mute button and low filterbutton (100Hz) for 8 microphones.

    l         Priority function for anyMIC input channel ensures the speaking without disturb.

    l         Group: it can carry outgroup management and adjust the group output signal level independently. Withunique audio circuit, and it can reduce the feedback for the long distancevideo conference.

    l         REC: unique design for USBREC input and output circuit to ensure the recording effect.

    l         Equalizer: high quality altand bass equalizer controlling module, balanced high pass filter and insertinput for external audio processing equipment to ensure the professionalapplications.

    l         Protection: perfect workingand protection indicator which is easy operation and maintenance.

    l         AV matrix has 8 inputs and4 outputs.4 group output jacks can be selected and adjusted volumeindependently

    l         With 4 inputs and 2 outputsVGA matrix, 2 output jacks can be selected independently.

    l         Parameter can be savedautomatically after setting it or cutting off the power.

    l         With 232 connector whichconnecters with center controller.

    l         Using together with most ofthe brand camera in the market, it can carry out camera tracking function forsimple analog microphone, which is the ideal solution for video conferenceapplications.

    l         RS-232 connector and controlsoutput port, which can work together with many types of central controller, youcan control the video switch ,VGA signal switch, audio input channel switch,ON/OFF management of the microphone, configuration of the priority function,auto tracking of the camera and system master volume adjustment etc., which cancarry out the system intelligent integrative management.